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1967 chevy c10 buildup

Try it free for 14 days. View Full Image. Truckin Magazine how to. Ultimate Body Mods Agame-changer seizes the moment- the moment when most people weaken under the pressure-and changes the course of history. With the Angels down two games to none, Angels' second basemen Howie Kendrick seized the moment going with a homerun, triple, and scored the game's winning run in extra innings.

The custom truck world has game-changers as well. Finding a pristine '67 Chevy cab wasn't easy and after buying the immaculate steel cab from Bill O'Grady at Vintage Chevy Trucks and delivering the steel cab to Chassis by Aaron, we all thought some minor bodywork would have the classic Chevy looking good in no time.

That would have been the case for a regular truck project, however Aaron had no intentions on putting a regular C10 body on that insane frame he had just fabricated.

After a couple sleepless nights, Aaron took out his tape measure and went out to the shop to see if his latest idea would work. Much to his, and quite frankly, our surprise, the measurements were close enough to justify cutting a perfectly good '67 cab's roof off.

Chevy Builds Beautiful 1967 Restomod C-10 Pickup For SEMA

Don't miss next month's issue when you'll find out firsthand the other tricked-out mods this one-of-a-kind C10 will receive. Read on and check out the interview with Aaron Iha to see how Chassis by Aaron forever changed the custom truck game. Aaron, after cutting the roof off of the C cab, we see you and Dale lifting the roof off of the cab. First off, where did you get this crazy idea from?

1967 chevy c10 buildup

How did you know for sure it would all line up? What year donor truck did you use?

1971 Chevrolet Custom C10 Air Ride Build Project

Did you just buy a cab from a junkyard? The original '67 cab Howie bought was in pristine condition, did you have any reservations cutting it up? What steps did you take to get the original cab ready to have the rood removed?

Taking a look at Dale cutting out the B-pillar pocket from the C, what other pieces were used from the newer cab to make the transformation complete? After resting the newer roof on the '67 cab, did anything pop up that surprised you, or did the install go pretty smoothly?

For instance, I noticed on the base of the newer A-pillar and the '67 cab didn't line up perfectly because of the mounting holes for the doors.

The B-pillar looks like it rolled off the factory assembly line mounted to the older cab. Taking a look at the '90 roof on the '67 cab, it sure looks like they belong together, with the exception of the wiper cowl—there's a big, unnatural gap there.

How are you going to remedy that? How much did you have to add to the doors to use the factory '90 glass and weatherstripping? Wow, it sure looks awesome with the doors stretched and bolted in place. Were you surprised at how well the final combo looked together?Try it free for 14 days.

1967 chevy c10 buildup

View Full Image. Truckin Magazine how to. As seen on this month's cover, project: The Show is a bare metal masterpiece of custom truck form meeting daily driver function. Using the best in aftermarket engine, brake, and suspension components, the crew at Chassis by Aaron Iha didn't cut any corners when building this '67 Chevy C Getting close to completing year-long build, the time came to purchase a wiring harness and with plans to drive the Chevy on a regular basis, a tried and true system needed to be installed.

This keeps with wiring basic, as you literally just need to run power from the cell to the electrical component.

The ISIS features lighter overall weight than other wiring harness, smart technology that can troubleshoot itself, and the ability to coordinate and control up to 50 inputs and 50 outputs with variable voltage volts needs for the Mastercell and 10 fused outputs per Powercell.

Trick setups allow for electric fans or headlights to stay on after the ignition is turned off, daytime running lights with lower voltage draw, and the ISIS even has an optional inLINK key fob that provides maximum security.

The inLINK allows the owner to lock out the fuel pump, ignition and starter, so even if a thief broke in and tried to hot-wire your ride, the fuel pump wouldn't fire and your truck would still be waiting on you to return with the inLINK. Now that's cool. We caught up with Aaron Iha and asked him about his ISIS wiring harness experience and why he chose the high-tech system. This is what he said.

Why go that route? Wow, that looks like a ton of wiring to man. More Photos View Slideshow. By Dan Ward. Follow Truck Trend Network Facebook. Off-Road Rabbit Hole. Truck Trend Newsletter Sign Up. Email: Required. Zip Code:. Yes — I prefer to receive offers and promotions from Trucktrend Network.

Yes — I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners of Trucktrend Network. By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our terms of use.Try it free for 14 days. View Full Image. Truckin Magazine how to. Continuing the buildup on project: The Show, Chassis by Aaron Iha takes fabricated sheets of steel and assembles the chassis, turning it into a rolling work of automotive art.

Last month we showed you how the frame was designed and came to life, and in this installment you'll see the wild spindles, control arms, ridiculous 9-inch IRS, Wilwood big brakes, and Bonspeed wheels and Nitto tires meticulously being placed on the chassis.

Don't miss next month's insight into project: The Show's powertrain, as we're certain you'll be impressed with the throttle-by-wire, high-horsepower blown LS-engine. Oops, we may have said too much. Check out issue 3, where Chassis by Aaron calls up a Chevy C10 from the minors and gets it ready for the Show.

Aaron, after spending 11 weeks creating the frame and chassis components, it was a relief to see the frame off the table and onto the jackstands, ready to be assembled? You used adjustable QA1 shocks, both front and rear, are they your preferred dampener or were they just a better fit for this application?

What type of mount is used to connect the spindles to the control arms? For the front suspension, was it your initial vision to have it look industrial and heavily mechanical? Did you have the Wilwood big brake caliper specs before you built the spindles?

Did the brake kit bolt on easily? When choosing big brakes, what advice can you give our readers? Did you fabricate the custom end links and simply incorporate the heim joints into the design? The front suspension is pretty sick on project: The Show, is it your most "advanced" design to date? As we see you installing the rear control arms, what other benefits will an independent rear suspension make on the year-old truck?

Have you ever fabricated every single piece of an IRS like on this truck? How much travel will the independent rear suspension have using the QA1 shocks and airbags? Taking a look at the rear spindle setup, it reminds me of a sandrail.

Does our background in sandrails and quads influence your design and "built-to-last" engineering mentality? How did you come up with the inboard brake system for the rear? Who built the inside axles for you? For the outer axles, who did the fab work on those? How do they mate to the spindles? On any ride, the wheels and tires can make all of the difference.Try it free for 14 days.

View Full Image. Truckin Magazine how to. Last month we showed you how Chassis by Aaron Iha fabricated a one-off bed from sheetmetal and a piece or two from the original '67 Chevy C This month, the crew at Chassis opted to scrap darn near everything from the interior and build a wild interior from scratch.

Incorporating new-car styling with the classic appeal of the C10, the dash is unbelievable. No need to bolt a seat in place, Chassis by Aaron will just build an entire seat frame, mounts, and put it on actuators with multi-driver settings for the ultimate in modern convenience.

This amazing project is nearing completion, but we couldn't leave this intricate detail out of the buildup, so read along as we chat with Aaron Iha on an interior that will inspire you to go crazy on your own ride.

Hey Aaron, last time we checked out the interior, you and Dale had just welded the floorpan to the firewall after the new cab went on. It looks like you've been busy. Joking with you, I said the dash looks like a new BMW and an old C10 spent too much time listening to Barry White and eating chocolate, with this dash being the end result.

Can you tell us your inspiration for its design? I see you welding on a small box and you just mentioned a glove box. Is that really what i think it is? You can't be serious. With all of the crazy one-off parts on this truck and you still built a glove box?

Why not just fill it in or add a monitor or something? Overall, the dash sure did turn out cool. What kind of vents are you going to use? Last time I stopped by, you were fabricating a powered telescopic steering column for the truck. The idea sounded awesome, what ever happened to that? Wow, I guess you never know until you build it and use it. That's definitely cool you put long-term use and abuse into consideration when looking at each and every part.Try it free for 14 days.

View Full Image. Truckin Magazine how to. As a student in high school, Howard Kendrick began to find himself admiring the sweet rides cruising around his hometown and taking notice of custom mods made to lowered trucks. Sounds familiar, right? This most likely describes you, as it definitely describes us. Howard started reading Truckin' to get his custom truck fix and as fate would have it, many years later, he ended up in Anaheim, California, which is home to The World's Leading Truck Publication.

One sunny afternoon, he ended up in our parking lot with a row filled with lowered, lifted, and custom-painted trucks. He walked into our offices and introduced himself. It didn't take long for us to recognize him, as he's the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim's second basemen and all of us at the mag are huge baseball fans. Come to find out, we were fans of his work and he was a fan of ours.

Getting to know each other, he and I talked trucks for hours and hours. When asked what truck he wanted, a quick reply would change the next year of our lives—"I've always wanted a really nice ''72 Chevy C10" he said.

After that one conversation, the custom truck bug started to eat away at him and one day my phone rang, "Dan, I just bought a '67 C10". With that one purchase, we made a game plan to see his lifelong dream come to fruition. Meeting with Aaron Iha, of Chassis by Aaron, Howard went over his ideas and goals and after some pepperoni pizza, project: The Show was underway. One thing Aaron and I both really appreciate about Howard is his genuine passion for all things custom, whether it be hot-rods, muscle cars, new exotics, but especially trucks.

Don't get this build confused for a guy with a big wallet who wanted something cool. No, this build is an enthusiast's desire to see his dream come true, he just happens to be a professional athlete. Giving Aaron basic free reign over the buildup, the Chevy quickly evolved into a truck like we've never seen before.

We're not blowing smoke here—this truck sets the bar to a new height. Launching the project, this story shows the construction of the chassis, piece by custom piece.

Rather than just show you what was created, we decided to get with Aaron and let him tell you how he built the chassis. If you want insight into the mind of someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes custom truck engineering, follow along with The Show buildup, as we'll take you along for every step of this incredilble build. Before we get started Aaron, is it cool working with a professional athlete?

Working with a professional athlete means two things to me: My hard work is paying off and my name is reaching more and more enthusiasts, regardless of their profession and, I have a reasonable budget to let all my thoughts and ideas be expressed in raw steel.

It's amazing to me that such an established athlete would come see me for what I can create with my two hands. After talking with Howard, what direction did you decide to take on project: The Show? I was very interested in building the C10 not only for it's great looks and styling, but also for how trendy the C10 is becoming. I researched a lot of really nice C10 projects and some of the ones that were modified to the max still didn't appeal to me.

Beginning the project I had concrete ideas, like the frame and suspension, but the over-styling was questionable. My personal taste is comfortable, reliable, user-friendly, and plain badass with a luxurious feel. What computer program do you use to design the chassis?

1967 chevy c10 buildup

Besides dimensions and angles, what other parameters can the program recreate? I use Pro Engineer 3D modeling software. In designing a frame and suspension not only do I create dimension and angles on various parts but I can create stress and loads in given areas.

Using this program I animate the suspension travel to iron out caster, camber, toe, and all my driveline angles. What machine do you use in conjunction with the computer to cut out the sheets of steel? What type of welding was used throughout the welding process?Since next year does mark the aforementioned milestone, however, this particular truck is extra awesome. Thus far, Chevrolet has been very mum on exactly how this truck puts the mod in restomod, telling us only that it will be at the Texas State Fair and SEMA.

The Cameo comes to mind, or perhaps something from the mid-to-lates — an era which is quickly becoming favored by collectors. That's a neat little trick. Model year marks the th anniversary of the first production Chevrolet truck. A century and more than 85 million trucks later, Chevrolet has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

To celebrate the Chevy Trucks Centennial, the brand is honoring the owners who have made Chevy Trucks a part of their lives for the past century with a day celebration featuring two new Special Edition trucks, the national rollout of the Truck Legends customer loyalty program and more. Chevrolet kicked off the Centennial Celebration today at the State Fair of Texas, where the brand announced four ways customers can celebrate the Chevy Truck Centennial:. After building specialized trucks to serve its factory, Chevrolet introduced its first trucks to customers in They included the half-ton Light Delivery and the One-Ton truck.

Both were offered with an open chassis behind the windshield that allowed customers to choose between purchasing or building a specialized body for their vocation. A century later, customer choice continues to drive Chevy Trucks. Chevrolet is still the only manufacturer to offer customers a three-truck portfolio — featuring the Colorado, Silverado and Silverado HD — and a full line of special editions, giving customers more options for the perfect truck to fit their needs and personal style.

The latest additions to the Chevrolet Trucks portfolio of special editions, the Silverado and Colorado Centennial Editions feature design elements inspired by Chevy Trucks throughout history, including a distinctive Centennial Blue paint color and exclusive heritage bowtie emblems and year badges inspired by colors and design cues found on early Chevrolet Trucks.

Silverado Centennial Editions will be available at dealerships in October. Colorado Centennial Editions will be available in November. To connect with the most loyal Chevy Truck customers across the country, the brand is rolling out its Truck Legends program nationwide. The program recognizes customers who own a Chevy Truck with more thanmiles on the odometer, or who have purchased or leased more than one new Chevy Truck in their lifetime.

1967 Chevy C10 Buildup - Project: The Show

Chevy Truck Legends was launched as a Texas-only pilot in September and grown to a community of more than 5, loyal Chevy Truck customers. These experiences could range from front-row seats at concerts, to attending sold-out Major League Baseball events, to getting a sneak peek at new Chevrolet models. In addition to the special edition Silverado and Colorado and the expansion of the Truck Legends program, Chevrolet is commemorating a century of trucks with a wide range of special merchandise featuring the heritage bowtie emblem highlighted on the Centennial models.

And for true enthusiasts, a special Centennial Edition bass boat will be offered by Phoenix Boats and a Centennial Edition enclosed trailer will be available from inTech Trailers. The Phoenix boat and foot inTech trailer, which is large enough to haul a car or other recreational toys, will be designed to complement the Centennial Blue paint and special edition badging.The five best sparkling wines of 2017 Robots are here but they want to help Podcast: Fixing bodies from the inside SEEK's near-death experience Why banks should watch out for Amazon Epidemic of underpayment still: 7-Eleven chairman 9 influential women on gifts that mean the most The AFR's ultimate guide to Christmas gifts for women 5 of the best luxury homes for sale Lamborghini unveils hotly anticipated SUV The gold-mining town that's become a foodie mecca Special Reports Strong urge to give to others among the wealthy Handovers can work but still tough to find right time Largest intergenerational wealth transfer to come Succession planning for the next generation Marketing needs to be at centre of strategic planning The Australian Financial Review www.

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